• Our Vision


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    Jesus said, "I am the way, the truth, and the life."

    Jammu and Kashmir is located north of of India. It is known as the “Paradise on Earth” for its snow covered mountains, beautiful rose gardens, lakes, and nature itself. Although this state is blessed by its natural beauty, it has been turned into a place of witchcraft, idolatry, superstitious beliefs, and militancy. The three different landscapes: Ladakh, Kashmir valley, and Jammu are inhabited by about 10 million people with various religious beliefs.


    We believe in the truth of the Gospel and that it needs to be revealed to the entire population who walk in the darkness. In 2014, the thirst for the lost souls urged us to register a trust for evangelization of the region by reaching the unreached with the gospel. We mainly concentrate in planting churches in the unreached areas of India especially the northern states. As a part of this effort, financial assistance is being given to missionaries working in Jammu and Kashmir.


    Through the grace of God, our ministry efforts have led us to minister to unbelievers, heal the sick, drive out demonic forces, baptize new believers, and add more souls to the Kingdom of God. In the future, we plan to create more mission stations and make more attempts to advance the Gospel of Christ and for the increase of God’s Kingdom.



    Pr. Rajan George